Fuerza Bruta is a wild experience that moves so rapidly you barely have time to grab your cellphone and ruin the experience with a selfie — but the most brave will try.

The show originally came from Argentina but is now in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It encompasses some elements of the original along with many classic elements of Japanese culture. Get ready for sweaty, half-naked samurai, robotic Japanese doll-like dancers that actually go from vertical to horizontal in an instant, and beautiful-and-crazy performers ripping their stage apart!

It’s mind-blowing. And in a venue of a club-like atmosphere — it’s part art, part theatre, part interpretive dance and even part swimming. I’ll let you check out the video for how that could possibly be. Anyways, see it from now until March, with tickets starting around ¥5,000. For more information, go here. To purchase tickets, go here.