Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, is alive with a spellbinding beauty that has influenced Japanese art, poetry and literature for centuries. Present day Kyoto remains the heart of Japan with scenic temples and shrines scattered across the city. Here’s the perfect itinerary for a day filled with the best of Kyoto.

Sunrise at Fushimi Inari Shrine

Get up early because you’ll want to hit  Fushimi Inari Shrine before crowds of tourists and worshippers descend upon its grounds. There will be no need for photo editing because its grounds, complete with thousands of flamboyant vermillion red torii gates, are relatively sparse during this time of day.

A popular shrine that sits at the base of a mountain also named Inari. Photo by SteFou!

Wedding Photos at Kodai-ji Temple

You’re not here for your wedding, but Kodai-ji Temple, dedicated to love, is a popular site for Japanese to hold weddings. You’re bound to see a traditional Japanese wedding complete with a bride and groom wrapped in orange robes. Just be sure to photograph from a respectable distance and do not interrupt the procession.

The temple is popular for Japanese weddings. Photo by Mayhem

Lunch at Slow Jet Coffee Kodai-ji

Top off your photo tour with snaps of your lunch at what’s arguably the hippest coffee joint in Kyoto. As its name suggests, Slow Jet Coffee Kodai-ji is near Kodai-ji Temple and is the perfect place to recharge and soak up the beauty and history of Kyoto. Since you’re in Kyoto, select one of the many matcha items on the menu, like a Matcha Black Honey Latte or Matcha Parfait. Don’t forget to buy its famous Kodai-ji Butter Cake, a rich buttery cake infused with Kyoto Matcha, walnuts, and drenched in chocolate-matcha frosting.

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Wear a Kimono at Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Chose an outdoor plan at Kimono Yumeyakata and you’ll have your very own photographer capture photos of you wandering the enchanting beauty of the 500 meter long bamboo grove and the  most scenic sites of Arashiyama. No matter what season you visit, you will be rewarded with stunning photos that capture a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Reflect at Kinkaku-ji Temple

You can’t have come all the way to Kyoto without taking photos of this iconic Golden Pavilion. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kinkaku-ji Temple is simply stunning, rain or shine. Its beauty is accented by its location that makes it seem as if it is floating on a pond, transporting you to a distant past.

Kinkaku-ji Temple

Sunset at Kiyomizu Dera Temple

What’s more romantic than capturing sunset at the power spot of love, Kiyomizu Dera Temple? You’ll instantly recognize its three tiered Koyasu Pagoda, the tallest in Japan. For the main event, make your way to the Main Hall. As the sun drenches the cityscape of Kyoto in a splash of bold colors, make a wish to be reunited with the one in your heart.

Illuminated autumnal leaves at Kiyomizu-dera Temple.