If you haven’t yet tried these places all over Tokyo, you’re in for a sexy surprise and even a few discounts! If you end up visiting one, tag us on social media with #InJapanGuide.

1. Asadachi

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Try one of Japan’s more subtly sexy bars. Taste and drink some of your old favorites and some new treats, all of which are aphrodisiacs. That is, the ingredients are said to put you in the mood. We can only assume the name of the bar, after all, is Japanese for, um, something you can Google later.

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2. Robot Restaurant

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Crazy robots and robot girls in scantily clad outfits make this dinner experience something you won’t soon forget in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Plus, grab ¥1,000 off your trip here by booking your tickets with this offer:


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3. Oppai Ramen

Grab a ramen and check out some, well, oppai (big boobs.) We’re not saying that it’s politically correct, but the owner, or mamasan, as she is affectionately referred to in Japanese is the sole server of this part and from videos, it looks like she’s quite enthusiastic.

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4. Kawaii Monster Cafe

While this Tokyo restaurant is totally kid-friendly in the daytime, it often has more seductive events in the evenings, including shows with burlesque dancers and more. The design of the cafe itself is a wild sight to see in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion district Harajuku, but after-hours is something else. It gets a little weird and a little sexy.

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5. Vibe Bar Wild One

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Let’s not mince words. If you go to this Shibuya bar, you’re going to be greeted by a lot of sex toys. Welcome to Tokyo’s vibrator bar. A visit to the cafe allows you to touch and turn on the many items of different shapes and sizes, while the downstairs shops allows you to purchase them.

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